Raster images are the images that we usually see on a day to day basis. Made up on millions of pixels, little dots, that come together to form the big picture. While these are comparatively smaller in file size, they lack in quality. If you try to enlarge a raster image, you will often find that the image looks distorted to a certain extent.

So why is this a problem? Well, if you’re not going to enlarge your image it really isn’t going to be a problem, but think about an institution logo. Logos get printed on letters, banners or even concert backdrops. Raster images that may distort, may give a bad look to the logo.

The solution, vector images. In vector images, instead of saving millions of pixels, the image would save lines. Which can easily be enlarged or manipulated, with little to no loss of quality.

While Vectors are generally larger in size, they are ideal for preserving quality of graphics or images. Raster to Vector Conversion service is the only solution.

We can help for Raster to Vector Conversion services. Using advanced image manipulation techniques, we can convert your Images from Raster to Vector. This could be a huge advantage, if you’re going to publish whatever your graphic or image is.

If you’re already a graphic designer, and drawing things on your computer isn’t your forte, we can help you by doing that part of the job for you.

A professional grade software that is used to do Raster to Vector Conversion is Adobe Illustrator. At clipping path lab we also offer the service of converting an existing image, into an Adobe illustrator .ai file. This is the service named as Raster to Vector Conversion service. These files are high in quality, and are ideal for media that gets published.

Still not sure about the big difference? Take a look at our gallery. We’ve posted images of the two types, which will show you the difference between the two.


  • Vector Conversion from Bitmap
  • Vector Graphics from Image
  • Photo Vectoring
  • Converting photo to Vector Image
  • Vector Conversion of  logo
  • Manually Vectoring

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