Background Remover Service

Background remover service is a kind of photo editing service, which basically, used for removing the background or deleting its defects. It is a technique, which allows a photographer and relevant person to get rid of the background with imperfections or replace it to another. Remove Background from image usually changes its full view that it looks more attractive & can make it eye catchy.


Basic Background Remover

This service used in an image that have less then 6 anchor point and require only single path. The designer wok with straight, round, rectangular image like- Ball, Book, Mobile etc.


Simple Background Remover

This service used for those type of image with some anchor point, multi paths and require medium level of clipping path. Example: Camera, Table, T-Shirt, Wrist Watch, Shoes etc.


Complex Background Remover

The images have many holes, embedded transparency and complexity then this service is perfect for those images. Example: Fabrics, Tree, Bicycle, Chain, Furniture etc.


Super Complex Background Remover

The images have so many holes, embedded transparency, complexity and curve and path are closed then this service is best. Example: Jewelry, Group People, Motorbike, Plant etc.


Where and Which person needs to photo clipping services?

  • Product Photographer,
  • Graphic Designer,
  • Online Retailer,
  • Web Developer,
  • Advertising Firm,
  • Printing Company,
  • Photo Studio
  • Catalog Company


Why They Need This Service

Sometimes the image background does not look perfect or not fit for a subject, it looks ugly. For this reason, background remove service occupied for solving all the problem for matching with the nice and perfect background. Background remover service mostly used for e-commerce business for presenting their product to the customer more attractively and enrich the look to their product. It’s is responsible for the sell volume to presenting the image as an original image. Ost of the time’s event management and magazine editor and the personal user also looking for this service.  Some relevant people haven’t enough time or feel complexity this service really need for them.


When to Need Clipping Path Services?

  • Separate or replace object from Image.
  • Modify the background of the image.
  • For e-commerce product.
  • Make the edge of the image smooth.
  • Add a mirror and reflecting shadow.
  • To make perfect photo masking.
  • Draw the attention of jewelry and luxurious items to the customer.

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