Background Removing

Removing the Background / Clipping Path / Cut Out / Transparent Background

Nowadays background removing is became really popular in photo editing Service. Background removing means, the background image will be removed from the target images or the background might be replaced by white background or any other required background. So in other word we can say background removal is a kind of technique where you can adjust the object of your own way.
Expert Clipping (EC) is a professional graphics design and image editing outsourcing company that can provide you the perfect Image that you required by removing service such as eCommerce product photo, eBay, Amazon and any type of product photo background removing.
A smart and talented team of designer believes Background Removal service is one of the very useful services to create competitive advantage which will take you a step forward from your competitor. And we help you to achieve that by providing excellent service because we are committed and your product is our responsibility. Our commitment to quality has enabled our international clients to have long standing relations with our company.


Product Retouching

High-End Jewelry Retouching / Model Retouching / Product Retouching

Photo retouching service is one of the most important things in online store or e-commerce business but first we have to know, what actually photo retouching means. Photo retouching refers to all kind of editing service such as evening out skin tone, removing skin blemishes, reducing fabric creases, recreating areas covered by props, shaping garments etc.
As we know that “Seeing is Believing”. That’s why every online store and E-commerce company use product picture rather than thousand of word because a perfect picture is worth than thousand of words. Most of the e-commerce sites handle a large number of picture/ images, which needs huge time to edit those pictures. Whether you are selling a single product or array of multiple products, you have to go through a lot of efforts to deal with Photo Editing for each product’s image/ photo. But no worries, we are here to help you out. Your product is our responsibility. We can handle a bulk number of images. Because we have a bunch of professional editors who are capable enough to handle all sort of photo editing task. We are very much committed to our client because obtaining client satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


Shadows / Reflections

Drop Shadow / Shadow Creation Service / Natural Shadow / Product Photo Reflection

If you are an e-commerce business holder or want to be one, then you must follow image requirements of Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, and many other online marketplaces. If you want to list your product on Amazon listing, your product photo background must be removed and placed on a white background.


UK Clipping Path has a dedicated team for background removing service working 24/7 only to ensure your 100% satisfaction with industry bottom price. We can deliver over 5000+ images/day at the lowest price which starts from $0.30 only. Our bulk order processing is faster and accurate from other image editing companies.


Color Correction

Color Correction Product Photography / Color Correction Photoshop

Is there any unwanted color cast spoiling your product photo?
You don’t have to worries anymore. We provide a high quality photo editing services along with color correction service. Let’s us talk about what sort of services includes in color correction service. The process of color correction can be done with various color gels and light sources that can be easily matched with the image. The ways to do the color correction process as you have to handle the color temperature and it will take time to measure in some terms that are known as green-magenta balance.
Photographers only work with cameras so due to lack of tools the photo might not be that much perfect. That’s why we need Color Correction service to make the photo more look creative. This can make the image more lively, unique and perfect. If you don’t like the image color then you can easily change the color by using the clipping paths of color correction. Every work could not be perfect, it will always have a defect but there is technological software that can help to make more creative images that people would like it at a glance.


Image Masking

Photoshop Layer Masking / Alpha-Channel Masking / Hair Making

Picture or image masking is the way toward isolating a picture from its experience, either to make the picture emerge individually or to put the picture over another foundation. In the past times of film stripping, it was finished by cutting a physical “veil”- – a sheet of material, for example, in the state of the picture, and after that anticipating the picture through it.
Picture or image masking is usually useful for transparent or semi-transparent photos or images like hairs/ feathers/ glasses/ fireworks/ fur smoke/ flames/ lighting/ chiffon & muslin, etc.
Image masking is truly diligent work to do, it isn’t a simple straight forward undertaking, and it needs talented and proficient editors to make those pictures one of a kind and great. It requires a long investment to do it. In this procedure you need to discover the edge of the hair and erasing the foundation from it. In any case, you don’t have to stress any longer on the grounds that Expert Clipping is one on the whole, the least complex site that can help you in your picture veiling process and furthermore give you a brilliant picture. It is very created in programming frameworks.


Image Manipulation

Clothes Neck-Joint / Invisible Mannequin


Photo manipulation service consists of altering or modifying a photo/ image by using different approach and methods to accomplish the desire outcomes. This Photo manipulation service can be used for clothing eCommerce services, magazines of fashion design such as cover photos of a particular magazine where each of the cloth displays by ghost mannequin, apparel products ads and so on. Photo manipulation is frequently substantially clear than unobtrusive modifications to shading equalization or differentiates and may include overlaying a head onto an alternate body or changing a sign’s content, for illustrations. Adobe Photoshop can be utilized vastly to apply impacts and twist a picture until the point when the coveted outcome is accomplished. The subsequent picture may have practically no similarity to the photograph (or photographs on account of compositing) from which it started. Today, photograph control is broadly acknowledged as a work of art.
On account of imperceptible mannequin benefits, it’s likewise called phantom mannequin photography. We need to utilize the mannequins to hold or items then we simply need to alter the picture such a way which can make that mannequin imperceptible. It will give a standard look on that item and make that item alluring. Not only that, photo manipulation service helps to enhance the quality of an ordinary photo to an extraordinary photo. And we make these things possible!